‘乐博体育’基于科学的微调 How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb

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本文摘要:Big claims are made for what neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology can do for us. Some authors give the impression that certain outcomes can be almost guaranteed if you approach human interactions with the right bag of tricks.


Big claims are made for what neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology can do for us. Some authors give the impression that certain outcomes can be almost guaranteed if you approach human interactions with the right bag of tricks.神经科学、不道德经济学和心理学对我们有什么用处?人们有些夸大其词。一些作者给我们这样一种印象,如果你与人恋情中用对了技巧,那么你完全可以确认能获得某种结果。Fortunately, Caroline Webb, a former partner at management consultancy McKinsey, is not one of those authors. She adopts a restrained tone when drawing on emerging discoveries about the brain and human psychology.所幸管理咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)前合伙人卡罗琳韦布(Caroline Webb)不是这样的作者。

她对于人类大脑和心理新发现的运用所持一种抗拒的论调。Although she read hundreds of academic papers before writing this book, Webb’s purpose is practical, as captured by the understated title. She offers what she calls “science-based tweaks” in behaviour and attitudes which could help you have a better day at work.虽然韦布在写出这本书之前读者了几百篇学术论文,就像其高调的书名表明出有的那样,她的目标是稳健的。她认为,通过对不道德和态度展开“基于科学的微调”,可以协助你在工作中展现出得更佳。

Webb briskly summarises some of the findings made by psychologists and neuroscientists that are increasingly familiar. She returns constantly to the context of the workplace, citing practical examples rather than speculating about the psychological potential of humankind.韦布干净利落地总结了几条心理学家和神经学家更加被人熟悉的几条找到。她没对人类的心理潜力妄加猜测,而是大大返回职场环境下提到工作之中的实例。

Reflecting on a grumpy videoconference for which she was underprepared and that got a day off to a bad start, she has three observations, based on her study of how our minds work.她反省了自己因为打算严重不足在一场视频会议上不耐烦的经历,那场会议给当天进了一个很差的头。回应,她基于自己对人类心理的研究,总结了三条找到。First, priorities and assumptions determine our perceptions to a surprising extent. Second, setting the right kind of goals lifts our performance and makes us feel good. And third, what we imagine in our mind’s eye can shape our real-life experience. Webb’s book is essentially about “focusing on the right things, and organising your time to give those priorities your best attention”. This is not wishful thinking. That focus and “best attention” are based on working with our human nature, not against it.第一,优先事项和假设对理解的要求起到是难以置信的。




We should not just let the day happen to us, she says. A quick daily intention-setting routine can help, though we should set specific goals in “bite-sized chunks”. Any to-do list should be of today’s tasks only, otherwise our brains will be overwhelmed.她说道,我们无法随波逐流地度日。每天很快成立全天的目标是简单的,不过我们应当按照“一口吃完的份量”来原作明确目标。任何文档事项应当只是今天之内已完成的任务,否则我们的大脑不会应接不暇。

We should plan downtime and avoid “decision fatigue”. “Pit stops are not wasted time — they’re an essential part of an efficient, well-planned race,” she says. We need enough sleep. “As one CEO I know put it, going short of sleep is like forgetting to save a document that you’ve worked on all day...If we don’t regularly rest and refuel our brain, the quality of our reasoning, self-control and planning declines sharply.”我们应当规划休息时间,防止陷于“决策疲惫”。“行驶打气睡觉不是浪费时间——而是一场规划较好的高效竞赛中必不可少的一环,”她说道。

我们必须充足的睡眠中。“就像我了解的一名CEO所说的,睡眠不足就像你没留存你处置了一整天的文件……如果我们无法规律作息,给大脑电池,那么我们理性思维、自控和规划的能力就不会大幅度上升。”The science does not all lead to dutiful conclusions. Gossip is healthy. Why? “Merely getting answers to questions visibly activates the reward system in people who are lying in a brain scanner,” Webb writes.科学得出结论的结论并不仅有像人们想要的那样。

八卦是有益健康的。为什么呢?“通过观察脑部扫描仪,意味着是获得问题的答案就需要明显转录人脑的奖励系统,”韦布写道。And we can prime ourselves to perform better, too. The author admits to humming Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” to herself before client workshops.此外,我们还能通过事前打算来让自己展现出得更佳。

韦布坦言,她进客户研讨会前会唱出唐娜萨默(Donna Summer)的歌曲《我深感了爱》(I Feel Love)。What else does science reveal that will help us have a good day? “Multitasking” damages productivity: “We’re far more productive if we singletask.”科学上还有什么找到能老大我们过好一天?“同时处置多项任务”不会减少我们的工作效率:“当我们只处置一项任务的时候,效率不会低得多。”The routines of work can sometimes make it seem like a Sisyphean task. But, as Albert Camus said, we have to believe that Sisyphus is happy. And think how much happier he might have been if he had known the words to “I Feel Love”.日复一日的工作有时候不会让我们实在自己像西西弗斯(Sisyphus)一般周而复始地推着石头。

但是,就像阿尔贝加缪(Albert Camus)说道的那样,我们必需坚信西西弗斯是幸福的。而且去想象如果他告诉《我深感了爱》的歌词,他认同不会更为幸福。





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